Jet Boat Exclusive Tours

A land created by climate and time.

You may hire the whole jet boat for for up to 15 people, bring your family and friends for a personal experience, with option to bring your own river side picnic if desired.

Wayne and Ruth are dedicated to give you an experience that will remain in your memory for years to come.

“My family decided something different for my 60th. Up the river in the purpose built jet boat, was fantastic and a picnic amongst Tuis and wood pigeons, one birthday I will never forget”.  John, Queenstown.  NZ.

Travel up the river over 16km with frequent stops to learn about the local history, the kiwi bird sanctuary, geology, flora and fauna of NZ and of course take photos. You will pass through the infamous fault line and see for your self massive ancient rock thrown up by the earth’s mantle many thousands of years ago and sit in the heart of the greenstone country. You will hold greenstone while you learn about its very high value to the local Maori people and feel as though you are steeping back into an mystical time when the Giant Haast Eagle and Moa bird still roamed our lands.

At the top of the river after seeing the landscape and river change dramactically many times, there is the option of an easy forest stroll into the ancient beach forest to smell and touch the many tree species first hand and hear the native bird life as they carry on their daily song. You are now in the last frontier with no interuption of any mankind.

Take an opportunity to wander the riverside beach alone to contemplate life and spot your special piece of stone, perhaps even greenstone. After our break, it is non stop to the Tasman Sea, a much faster trip as we are now traveling with the flow of the river. There you will learn about the famous NZ fish called whitebait and historical Haast Glacier. We turn and look back at the Southern Alps as they tower behind the sea. Sea birds are present here and we finish off by traveling up a remote and very peaceful side estuary for 5 minutes of complete silence just to enjoy the abundant birdlife song and spot flounder fish, whitebait and trout.

Before the tour ends we offer the traditional and iconic Hamilton Turn which is named after the New Zealander that invented the Jet Boat in 1953. This is a 360 degree highspeed turn that some people wish to tick off their bucket list and is completely optional for all.

You have now experienced NZ’s only Mountain to sea jet boat safari. Visited a World Heritage Unesco Site and experienced life as it was, untouched 1000’s of years ago.

Chartering the jet boat is $1500 up to 8 people then $100 for each extra person.  Time frame is 1 to 3 hours.