Things to do in Haast

Living here, we have found there are so many things to do in Haast, so make sure you take some time to explore the many things to do in Haast, below are some stand out activities.

Our World Heritage Unesco site equates to an outdoor playground full of photo opportunities, bird spotting and natural history.   Glaciations, Mountains, Fjords, sea coast, towering cliffs, lakes and waterfalls make up some of the many natural wonders you will experience, so bring your camera and take some photos for memories of a lifetime.

  • Walk in a forest.  Two-thirds of the park is covered with southern beech and podocarps, some of which are over 800 years old. The kea, the only alpine parrot in the world, lives in the park, as does the rare and endangered Kiwi bird, NZ’s icon.
  • The Alpine Fault line runs through the area and spans the length of NZ, it is the boundary of 2 of the earth’s tectonic plates, the Australasian plate and the Pacific plate. Take a Waiatoto River Safari which travels directly through the Alpine Fault line.
  • Take a walk.  There are magical walks here including wheel chair access walks.  For easy to intermediate fitness our pick is the Lake Ellery walk, spot brown trout along the way.  1 hour return.
  • Learn about the Kiwi bird and visit the Haast Tokoeka Kiwi Sanctuary on the Waiatoto River Safari tour.  The only tourist access to this massive area, learn all about how we saved our icon from extinction.
  • Visit Neils Beach to try your hand at seeing Fiordland crested penguins and dolphins that can be seen surfing in on the waves as they hunt tuna.
  • Take a helicopter flight to view the majestic mountains and see from above.

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