Ruth & Wayne & Jet Boating Haast

“Welcome to Waiatoto River Safari – Jet Boating Haast.  Our aim is to share our environment with you whilst protecting our surrounds in a sustainable manner and provide you with an unforgettable experience, in an ethical and socially responsible manner”.  Ruth & Wayne.

Their History…

A young couple, who due to their passion for flying planes, met as commercial pilots, flying fixed wing aircraft in Wanaka.

Their flying specialized in Mountain Flying training, flying over the rugged Mount Aspiring World Heritage area passing on survival skills to pilots. Ruth and Wayne previously owned a scenic flight and flight training company in Wanaka for 14 years.

They often gazed down at the magnificent West Coast landscape that they were flying over, then a chance meeting with Neil Ross, the pioneer of Dart River Safari, Haast River Safari and Jet Boating Haast in general.

In turn they introduced Neil to the wonderful world of flying and he introduced them to the stunning world of Jet Boating Haast and the Waiatoto River Safari.

“This is what these magnificent craft were designed to do;  Explore the remote backcountry to wilderness areas of the real New Zealand, the easy way. No roads …. no phones. Just nature in an untouched state for us to appreciate”. Wayne says.


Wayne has been jet boating on the Waiatoto River commercially for 10 years and  Ruth for 6 years. They both still hold commercial pilot licenses and instructor ratings and have recently purchased a new aircraft to re-kindle their love of exploring NZ by air.

Their aim is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed with expert driving and fascinating information about this unique area. Whatever the weather, this tour brings you a fantastic once in a lifetime experience.




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  • Waiatoto River Safari has been a distinguished jet boating safari since 1997.
  • Recommended by many guidebooks, including Lonely Plant and enjoyed by thousands.
  • Waiatoto River Safari Ltd has a full Safe Operational Plan, which is externally audited by Maritime New Zealand and fully complies with Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.
  • Waiatoto River Safari runs an internal maintenance programme that surpasses external requirements and uses world leading equipment to enable the highest safety level.